2021 NBVA Conference Education Schedule

Tuesday, June 29, 2021
Ballroom D & E, Westgate Las Vegas

8:00 AM

Registration & Check-In
Registration Desk

8:30 AM

Welcome & Introduction
Scott Ausmus, NBVA President

8:40 AM

Kevin Shambaugh, Seminar Chair

8:50 AM

“On the Route” Feature Video
Throughout the day we’ll be featuring videos of industry experts who will share their expertise and provide an up-close look at how they organize their route vehicle, warehouse or prepare for a day on the route.

9:00 AM

“The Do’s and Don’ts of Incorporating Change Machines into Your Route”
David Kochan, DK Vending
During this session, David will review the do’s and don’ts you’ll want to be sure to consider when incorporating change machines into your route.

9:15 AM

“Sticker Machine Price Point Tips and Tricks”
Jennifer Jaynes, Jen Vend
Learn a couple of quick tips and tricks, like how to change your mechs to $0.75, in this short but instructive session.

9:30 AM

“On the Route” Feature Video

9:40 AM

“Navigating the Cashless Road Ahead…How to Succeed”
Nick Morales, Gary Balaban, Kevin Johnson and Kevin Shambaugh
You don’t want to miss this highly informative session where our knowledgeable panel will take an in-depth look at how to incorporate credit card readers on to bulk vending machines.  In addition, they will examine new tools now available at our fingertips such as using daily email as a completely new way to efficiently run/manage your routes.  These industry experts will not only share some out of the box thinking, but their own personal experiences integrating cashless vending into their bulk vending businesses.

11:00 AM

“Cashless Integration Q&A”
After sharing their “cashless integration” stories, our expert panel will open the floor for questions and candid conversation on all things cashless.

12:00 PM


12:30 PM

“On the Route” Video

1:00 PM

“The Future of Bulk Vending:  Challenges and Opportunities”
Scott Ausmus, National Entertainment Network
Industry veteran Scott Ausmus has traveled the country and seen first-hand the effect the pandemic has placed on the bulk vending industry.  During this session Scott will reflect not only on what he has experienced the past 15 months but will also share his thoughts on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in bulk vending.

2:00 PM

“Impacts of Coronavirus and the New Choices”
Dan Platte and Kevin Shambaugh
The coronavirus has undoubtedly impacted all of our businesses and will change the way we conduct business moving forward.  Our veteran presenters will identify and discuss some of the new choices each of us will need to consider post COVID.

2:30 PM

“Bulk Vending Bull Session” Open Forum
Our highly interactive “bull session” is back this year and we’ll cover topics such as coin management, dealing with banks, how to get rid of coins and more!  Bring your questions or share a great idea because our “Share Your Best Idea” contest is back this year as well.  Share your best idea and you could win $100!