Irv Kovens NBVA Scholarship Program

Application requirements are as follows:

  1. Students must be NBVA Members, employees of NBVA members, immediate family of NBVA members and/or their employees (children or grandchildren only).
  2. Meet all the requirements for enrollment or continuing enrollment to any of the following higher learning institutions: trade school, junior college, college or university (not including graduate-level education)
  3. Previous scholarship applicants may reapply.
  4. The scholarship may be awarded for a total of 4 years of education within a six year period.

Awards are made on a competitive basis with consideration being given to scholastic achievement, social/school involvement, character, and promise.  The intent of this award is not to dispense charity, but rather to make it possible to encourage students to secure a university, trade school, or college degree.  The scholarship will be granted to the successful applicants and announced just after the NBVA annual conference.  The recipient(s) will be given their monetary award upon notification of student’s enrollment by the institution they will be attending.  The award amount will depend on the funds generated at the NBVA conference in March 2023.  The number of scholarships, amount of scholarship, and recipient of scholarship(s) will be determined at the discretion of the NBVA scholarship committee.

Please note scholarship awards will be sent directly to the recipient and check will be made out to the learning institution.

2023-2024 Scholarship Recipients are Announced!

History: In 1938, Irv Kovens came across an old coin-operated vending machine and being handy, he repaired it and sold it to earn a little extra money. He enjoyed it so much that it became his hobby – and ultimately his career. The company he founded is now known as A&A Global Industries, and today is still family-owned and operated by the Kovens family.

Irv was a visionary and understood the potential of bulk vending. His business grew steadily, and he strategically branched out into other lines by selling bulk gum and confections, nuts and eventually high-bounce balls, capsuled toys and novelties. The product line then grew to include stickers and temporary tattoos. Focusing on growing the company through quality products and service, A&A Global’s philosophy is simple; “an innovative approach to products, a traditional approach to people,” a mission statement that the company still employs today. Steven and Brian Kovens, Irv’s grandsons and now co-presidents, look at this statement more as a family tradition rather than just a business philosophy.

Irv, a founding member of the NBVA, was always involved in his community and industry. He supported the association and as they grew, he was a voice and guidance the organization needed as the industry matured. He supported charitable efforts in Baltimore, and whenever possible nationally. Whether it was the American Cancer Society or American Red Cross (to name a few) Irv had a contagious spirit of giving that has been handed down through the company’s generations.

With that enthusiasm, Steven and Brian Kovens founded the Irv Kovens NBVA Scholarship Fund in the memory and honor of their beloved grandfather, hoping that the spirit of giving back becomes contagious with each applicant and recipient.