Irvin Kovens NBVA Scholarship

In 1938, Irv Kovens needed some extra money, so he started tinkering with a few stamp vending machines in his basement.   He sold them to a few acquaintances and soon became successful enough that he formed his own company and distributed machines nationwide.  Parkway Machine Corporation was born, which eventually became A&A Global Industries.

Just as with A&A Global today, as Irv’s business grew, he branched into other industries.  He quickly saw  opportunity within the coin operated vending machine industry – especially the need for innovative products. Ahead of his time, he understood the potential of the vending machine business and the importance of a quality product line to support it.

Irv focused his efforts on growing the company with a simple philosophy of “innovative approach to products, traditional approach to people.”

Irv’s entrepreneurial spirit resonates through the Kovens family.  Today, A & A Global Industries is still a family owned and operated business. In its third generation, the company has diversified into several lines of business that complement the bulk vending division, but lead their perspective industries as well. These divisions include redemption, plastic injection molding, powder coating and the retail candy division; Koko’s Confection Novelty.

Executive Vice Presidents Steve Kovens and Brian Kovens established the Irvin Kovens Scholarship in honor of their patriarch.  “Education is very important to Steve and I,” said Brian Kovens.  “We are happy to be able to give back to and to help people pursue higher education.”

Awards are made on a competitive basis; consideration being given to scholastic achievement, social/school involvement, character, and promise.

Applications must be postmarked or emailed no later than Friday, February 28, 2020.  Applications will be available online December 2019.  If you have any questions about the scholarship, please feel free to contact the NBVA.

Late applications will not be considered. 

If any portion of the application is omitted, the application may not be considered.

Application Requirements are as Follows:

  1. Students must be NBVA Members, employees of NBVA members, immediate family of NBVA members and/or their employees (children or grandchildren only).
  2. Meet all the requirements for enrollment or continuing enrollment to any of the following higher learning institutions:  trade school, junior college, college or university.
  3. A citizen or permanent resident of the United States, or Canada.
  4. Previous scholarship applicants may reapply

The Fine Print:

Awards are made on a competitive basis; consideration being given to scholastic achievement, social/school involvement, character, and promise.  The intent of this award is not to dispense charity, but rather to make it possible to encourage students of NBVA members, and their employee’s families, to secure a university, trade school, or college degree.  The scholarship will be granted to the successful applicants, and announced at the NBVA annual conference.  The recipient(s) will be given their monetary award upon notification of student’s enrollment by the institution they will be attending.  The award amount will depend on the funds generated at the NBVA conference in March 2020.  The number of scholarships, amount of scholarship, and recipient of scholarship(s) will be determined at the discretion of the NBVA scholarship committee.