NBVA 2020 Best of Awards

(for the Year 2019)

Best Original Design One-Inch Product:

Flatline Corporation for Fluffy Slime

Best Licensed Design One-Inch Product

Brand Vending for Sqwishland Desert (ltd.)

Best Original Design Two-Inch Product

Cardinal Distributing for Stress Balls

Best Licensed Design Two-Inch Product

A & A Global for DC Comics Chibi Figures

Best Original Design Tattoo

SSM Vending for Horror Tattoos

Best Licensed Design Tattoo

Vending Supply for Marvel Avengers Team Up 2 Tattoos

Best Original Design Sticker

Flatline Corporation for Junk Food Doody

Best Licensed Design Sticker

Vending Supply for Marvel Super Hero Stickers

Best Bulk Candy or Gum

Concord Confections for 850 Assorted Gumballs

Best Bulk/Amusement Vending Machine

A & A Global for Electronic Bulk Vending Machine

Best Customer Service

Best Website

SSM Vending