Mr. Randy Chilton

Randy Chilton served as NBVA president from 2009 – 2011.  He was instrumental in the transition of the NBVA to an independent association.

Mr. Neel Clark

Neel started working for Carousel Industries today part of Ford Gum and then in the late 80’s he co-founded Kid Zone, a leading distributor of bulk vending products. Neel was always a friendly face and eager to help anyone coming into the industry.

Mr. Alvin R. Kantor

Mr. Kantor, or “Bob” as he was known,  Kantor was our first president, was a operator – First National Vending Service and distributor Confections Specialties.  Was a leading advocate for bulk vending, he developed the first co-op program where he would get national accounts and sub them out to other operators in the country. He retired in 1983.

Mr. Roger Folz

Roger was successful in getting tax exemptions for our industry.  In 1949, Roger and his brother Harold founded the Folz Vending Company, Inc. of Oceanside NY.  The company was the first and only company to own and operate bulk vending machines nationally and internationally covering the entire United States and Canada.  Harold Retired in 1982 and Roger sold the business in 2003.  Harold and Roger were very important members of the NBVA and served in every capacity.  They educated politicians and new operators on bulk vending.