NBVA Exhibitors

Below is a listing of companies exhibiting at the 2021 NBVA Trade Show:

A & A Global Industries – Booth #851
A&A Global is the premier supplier of toys, novelties, candy, plush and merchandiser kits for the bulk vending, amusement and family entertainment industries.
(800) 638-6000, aaglobal.com

Allstar Vending – Booth #959
We specialize in manufacturing our own line of vending machines, and the stickers, tattoos and toys that vend through these machines.
(800) 685-7066, allstarvending.com

Baton Lock & Hardware Co., Inc. – Booth #859
We provide bulk vending security with patented locks that help operate in tough environments at reasonable prices. (714) 265-3636, batonlockusa.com

CandyMachines.com – Booth #960
CandyMachines.com is your factory-direct source for all things vending. Products in stock and ready to ship: Rhino Vending Machines, Mini Crane, Racks, Vending Toys, Plush, Dubble Bubble, Oak Leaf and Bulk candy.
(800) 853-3941, candymachines.com

Concord Confections – Booth #961
Bulk and individually wrapped gumballs and dextrose candies under the nationally known brand names Dubble Bubble, Cry Baby and Bleeps, to the Bulk Vending Industry.
(610) 308-7830, tootsie.com

DSM Sales & Manufacturing – Booth #957
Committed to the design and manufacture of high quality, interactive fun games and kinetic products. Products are unlike the rest of the market. Offering operators something that no other manufacturer does.
(801) 269-8730, dsmsales.net

Flatline Corporation – Booth #857
Flatline Corporation is a leading supplier of Flat Vending,
Capsuled merchandise, Prize Hub capsules, and Crane and
Redemption items to the Bulk Vending and Amusement
Industries. (877) 499-3528, 2flatline.com

Irv Kovens NBVA Scholarship – Booth #951
Annual Scholarship Raffle. You need not be present to win.
Drawings begin at 2:30 p.m. on July 1 at Booth #951.

Pipeline Games – Booth #861
State of the art value priced crane machines, prize
machines and other amusement games. All featuring
wireless reporting technology as well as the best ROI of
any games in the industry. Providing high quality full
color redemption tickets as well as repair parts for all
major crane machines. Custom design/development along
with product sourcing services are available at a reasonable
cost. (732) 387-0233, pipelinegames.com

SSM Vending – Booth #958
SSM Vending is a family-owned and operated company
providing tattoos, stickers and bulk vending products to the
industry throughout the United States and internationally.
(877) 213-0500, ssmvending.com

United L and R Toys – Booth #855
Importer and wholesaler of fine toys and novelty for the
bulk vending industry.
(800) 364-4395, unitedlandrtoys.com

Vending Supply Inc. – Booth #955
World’s largest USA manufacturer of temporary tattoos,
stickers & fun activities! Products are made with skin safe
inks in glitter, glow, shimmer & foil! We sell direct, better
prices, Better Profits, plus free shipping on qualifying boxes.
(800) 315-9849, vendingsupply.com