2016 Seminar Topics

Systematic failsafe method for getting the better candidates and knowing if they’re right for the position.

Suppliers Panel:
Show off your latest new products!  Q & A for Operators.

What works? What doesn’t? The pros and cons of locating over the phone and/or in person. What to pay a locator?

Day-to-day Operations:
Determining what’s important for your company’s success. What you need to do to succeed.

Effectively buy from suppliers and save on shipping costs.

Cranes & Merchandisers:
Expand your equipment base, make more money.

Accounting & Bookkeeping:
A  simple and informative seminar specifically designed for the cash basis vending operator.

Bull Session Vending Discussion:
An NBVA tradition.  This moderated discussion is the place to work out issues and find solutions.

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